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G&G Replica Guns (and some others)

Tac-Ops Indoor Airsoft now has a pro shop

Tac-Ops Now Has a Pro Shop

We have several models of G&G guns in stock, including the Combat Machine Raider, and also a few Echo 1.  All guns are legal to use in the arena (max 350 FPS).

Hanging at the bottom are gun bags — they kinda fell out of the photo.  Also, we have the usual other accessories like BBs, green gas, CO2 cartridges, barrel socks, and red dot sights.


Awesome Birthday Party

The most exciting birthday party option in town!


New Rental Guns

We just brought in a new set of guns!


Brand new, G&G Combat Machine GDR-16s.  You may notice that the barrels are shorter, too, which are a touch easier for tall dudes to use in the arena.