Game Play Info

Indoor air-soft is a fast paced game where two teams battle against each other to accomplish a task, capture an objective, or defend a designated object from the opposing team. Most of all Tac-Ops is a safe fun place to play air-soft!

We at Tac-Ops offer many different scenarios and types of game ranging from:

Team Death Match in which the teams are against each other and when a players is hit they have to walk over and “re-spawn” back in different  spawn rules are in place for that scenario and whichever team tallies up the most “kills” by the end of the timed match is the winner.

-Capture the flag both teams will have a colored flag that the other team must battle to capture and tally which team can capture the other teams flag the most times in the course of one game.  Just like Squad vs. Squad matches there will be different “re-spawn” rules.

Sector Control Both teams mission are to turn on or off strategically placed lights throughout the arena during game play and then defend those lights until the end of the game.  Whoever have the most lights either on or off at the end of game play win.  

Plus more…….. so grab your friends and come on down!

Airsoft Guns & Gear

Personal guns under 350 FPS ARE ALLOWED providing they have an orange tip, are unloaded and in a bag. Outside Tactical gear (vests,facemask,sights etc. permitted most of the time as long as it is safe.)

Air-soft training is a fun sport but can cause welts on bare skin. PLEASE at minimum wear LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS the more layers the less it will hurt. We encourage all players to cover all exposed skin during play.

Management reserve the right to refuse any gun or gear for any safety reasons