• Open playwe can often stay an hour later for 6 players or more
    • Wednesday & Friday  5-9
    • Saturday & Sunday  1-6
    • Pro Night — Sunday 6-9
  • Pro Shop
    • Wednesday & Friday  4-9
    • Saturday & Sunday noon-6

These are the core hours.  For a detailed schedule, special events and holiday closings, check our calendar:  Calendar

You can now book online! Click here: book open play  book party

Open Play

Open play means that you can drop in any time and join the next mission. The admins will form evenly matched teams from waiting players.

Game prices include all equipment — G&G Rifles, face mask, and 200 rounds of ammunition per mission.  You can bring your own equipment if it meets safety standards.

Reservations are not required, but please call ahead or book online if you are bringing a group of 8 or more.  book online

We run 3-4 missions (games) an hour.
3 Missions $17.00
5 Missions $22.00

On Fridays, we offer unlimited missions for 3 hours, only $35.00.

Tac-Ops Indoor Airsoft Portland, Field Ruleszone-45arena-looking-westSAMSUNG CSC

Game type will change every mission and will vary depending on the number of players per game.

Parties and Events

Reservations are required for parties.  You can get an idea of what times are available by checking the calendar below.

  • Private Arena Party

Two hour exclusive use of the arena and private room for the party.

The party includes all equipment — G&G Rifles, face masks, and 200 rounds of ammunition per mission.

The party includes time for 5 missions, but we’ll run as many as we can depending on what the party wants.

The price is $259.00 for 6-10 players, additional players $20.00.

  • Open Arena Party

With the Open Arena Party you get 4 missions per person during open play, and use of a party room for two hours. Your group will play along side anyone stopping by for our Open play.

This party includes all equipment — G&G Rifles, face masks, and 200 rounds of ammunition per mission.

The price for the party is $190.00 for up to ten players, additional players will be $19.00 per extra person.

  • Private Events

We can accommodate larger groups and special requests, including bachelor parties and corporate teambuilder events. If you have any questions, please call for pricing and availability. We are happy to help any way possible.

Ready to make your reservation?  Either book online or call.


This is our live calendar — click on any blue box for details

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Airsoft Guns & Gear

Personal guns under 350 FPS are allowed providing they are unloaded and carried in a gun bag. Outside tactical gear (vests, face mask, sights, etc.) are permitted most of the time as long as they are safe.

Air-soft training is a fun sport but can cause welts on bare skin. PLEASE at minimum wear LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS the more layers the less it will hurt. We encourage all players to cover all exposed skin during play.

Management reserve the right to refuse any gun or gear for any safety reasons