At long last, we are putting in a modest Pro shop.

You can find the basic necessities like BBs, CO2 and green gas, as well as gloves, slings, masks and guns.  We have also brought in inexpensive barrel socks.  Stop by, and feel free to ask us if you need something that we don’t carry yet.

Pro Shop hours:

  • Wednesday and Friday through Sunday
  • Often open after a private party starts
  • Check the calendar

Airsoft Guns & Gear

Personal guns under 350 FPS are allowed providing they are unloaded and carried in a gun bag. Outside tactical gear (vests, face mask, sights, etc.) are permitted most of the time as long as they are safe.

Air-soft training is a fun sport but can cause welts on bare skin. PLEASE at minimum wear LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS the more layers the less it will hurt. We encourage all players to cover all exposed skin during play.

Management reserve the right to refuse any gun or gear for any safety reasons